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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

And Who's His Daddy?

Apparently ... That Doesn't Matter

Over the summer, Joel had this to say to the Spectrum, a publication of the NYU Journalism Workshop in response to his nepotism-crying-critics:

Not everyone, however, believes Rivera has earned his stripes. His detractors note that he is the son of Jose Rivera, a state assemblyman and the Bronx Democratic County Committee chairman and that he holds the council seat that his father vacated.

Joel Rivera said that his power is not the result of his prominent political family. “Everyone has their own opinion and is entitled to it,” Joel Rivera said, “but I have been involved in grassroots movements for a long time and through this, I gained many years of experience.”

Just a little FYI. I believe that Joel is 26 years of age ... though please correct me if I'm wrong.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

26... which means he was 22 when elected

9:35 PM


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