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Thursday, November 24, 2005

Body Count

Here's What We Think We Know

Though we know full well that we have no clue how much we actually know.

1. That Speaker candidate Leroy Comrie is in possession of at least 4 solid votes.

2. That the "double-digits" Speaker candidate Bill de Blasio recently referred to in this New York Sun piece are 1 and 5 ... meaning, 15 secure, can't-touch-these votes.

3. That Vito Lopez, newly minted Brooklyn County Chair, will be able to deliver at least 9 unified votes, 1 of which btw will come from outside the borough of Brooklyn.

4. That Tom Manton, the not-so-newly-minted Queens County Chair, will deliver fewer votes than most believe him capable, topping off at 10.

5. That Speaker candidate Christine Quinn has no more than 11 votes firmly in the bank, and a whole bunch of other votes not so firmly in the bank.

6. That Jose Rivera, Bronx County Chair, has at least 5 solid votes that he can deliver.

7. That Clarence Norman, former Brooklyn County Chair now undergoing criminal prosecution, will not be delivering any votes this year.

8. That Speaker candidate Lew Fidler is eagerly waiting for the ball to drop on someone, somewhere.

9. That Katz, Weprin and Rivera probably have a couple of soft votes lined-up each.

10. And that from here on out, Katz will be de-Speakerizing herself in exchange for a front row seat to the Queens Borough Presidency.

Stay tuned! More to come. But in the mean time, Happy Turkey Day!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You guys are idiots. Nobody has any votes. The final roll call will be 51-0. Claiming that so and so has xx votes locked up is just masturbation and there are far better sites on the internet for that.

11:10 PM


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