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Saturday, November 19, 2005

The Daily News

Not So Impressed

It appears that the performances of our savvy-seven during this last Thursday's debate left the edit heads at the Daily News just a little bit galled.

Ummmm ... you make the call.

Separately, the Amsterdam News impresses upon us the importance of Council Member Leroy Comrie's quest for the Speaker's post. And in the article, Council Member Charles Barron had this to add:

Councilman Charles Barron of Brooklyn agrees that Comrie is a good fit for the job but believes that race should be a definite factor in determining the next speaker. The outspoken Democrat said that a white male should not be allowed to emerge as speaker because there are already too many white candidates who hold powerful city government posts.

"This is ridiculous. There needs to be a balance in city hall,"” he said.

Barron said that he believes other members of the council secretly feel the same way he does but are not bold enough to make it public.

"I think my colleagues know it'’s time to have a person of color but lack the fortitude to say so," he said. The councilman said another reason a minority is needed in the post is to see to it that dollars are evenly distributed to underserved regions of the city.

Barron did not overlook contender Councilman Joel Rivera, a Hispanic who hails from the Bronx. Barron thinks that Comrie is a leading candidate because he has been mentioned most and has seniority and has spent more time in city government.


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