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Friday, November 18, 2005

Exit Polls

What are You Trying to Say?

Soon after last night's debate, and throughout the day today, the number of voters polling in favor of choice #1 (below) for the t-shirt slogan/design competition skyrocketed.

Now we know that we're not exactly dealing with a statistically significant sample here, but even within our small universe of voters a jump from 3 to 10 cannot be discounted - can it?

Here are your choices again. If you haven't expressed your opinion, please do so. The vote will continue throughout the weekend, ending on Sunday night. One blogger, one vote.

1. NYC Council Speaker's Race: Where Smoke and Mirrors Unite

2. Printed on a t-shirt turned inside out: INSIDERS OUTED
(With printed along a seam)

3. Get Your Lulus Worth

4. What Happens at the Council, Stays at the Council

5. Clearing Away the Smoke from City Hall's Backrooms

*** On second thought, we're going to heed the advice of 'anonymous,' and extend voting until midnight Monday, November 21, 2005.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

not many people visit this site over the weekend, so.... i don't know if that's fair.

1:11 PM


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