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Friday, November 11, 2005

In All Fairness

Here's Where We Stand

As we promised you earlier, here's our first Praise/Wrath Scorecard. It simply shows how many times we have editorialized about a Speaker candidate positively, negatively or with neutrality.

Our goal is to provide you with coverage of each of the Speaker candidates that is as balanced as possible. And given our anonymity we also wanted to rule out perceptions of bias and agenda-ism.

Our only agenda is to clear away the smoke and mirrors so that you, the tax-paying public, can actually see what's happening (or not) with your government.

Interpret the scorecard at your own peril. A couple of things, though, that you should note: first, is that we have only followed the money trails for Quinn and de Blasio thus far. Rest assured that each of the other candidates will get their turn. Secondly, that when we had information for only some of the candidates (for example, their positions on term limits and lulus), we offered the others opportunities for equal billing. None of them have yet to take us up on these offers.


Blogger The Yankee said...

I'm thinking those at the top of the wrath scale will be the most likely to win the post. It certainly seems that the proclaimed frontrunners are taking up the first three slots, both in total points and net wrath.

Maybe the Brooklyn delegation will split and knock de Blasio out of it. Still got a little under two months to go.

8:16 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

De Blaso is bullshit

10:06 PM


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