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Thursday, November 17, 2005

The Long Awaited Debate

Honestly, Not Worth the Hassle

In hindsight, our sources say they wouldn't have recommended sneaking into Baruch by way of some friendly co-eds (though that's a whole other story).

But really ... a rather lame evening.

Here's a list of 10 things we learned:

1. That there's a lot of public interest in this not so public process (at least more than CU, Baruch and NYLCV ever expected).

2. That seven out of seven Speaker candidates recommend overturning term limits.

3. That seven out of seven Speaker candidates recommend slaughtering the Campaign Finance Board.

4. That six out of seven Speaker candidates share a brain - all but a lone Fidler see the commuter tax as a viable option to fight the city's budget deficits.

5. That de Blasio actually wants to push through a technical correction to the term limits law, changing it to three 4-year terms, instead of two - technically.

6. That Quinn not so surprisingly bitch-slapped her good friend Gifford for being not so frank about his franking privileges.

7. That there's no question that Katz wants to do away with term limits. Absolutely none!

8. That Comrie fell in line with expectations - whatever yours may have been.

9. That Rivera is young, but definitely interested in the job.

10. That Weprin was frustratingly coy, giving answers seemingly coded to appeal more to County leaders than to the public at large.

And let's add one more for kicks (we learned this one later in the evening):

11. That there's much disagreement over who came out on top.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

funny. agreed.

11:26 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Remarkable how Melinda was so direct about cutting the CFB's budget. Red meat for members. Suicide for editorial boards.

11:19 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The event wasn’t worth the 40 mins. I waited on line to get into the conference room. All the members (basically) said the same thing. All the members were equally “unimaginative.” In short, I had a better time balancing my checkbook while I sat in the back of the room.

Nonetheless, here's my take on the event:

de Blasio was cool, but not cool enough…

Comrie get points for not falling asleep while on stage

Rivera isn’t as "young" as we thought; there may be hope for him

The funnies lines last night: Quinn is a health guru and Comrie's,"I am proud to say I’ve had public colonoscopy"

Katz looked HOT!!!

12:00 PM


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