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Thursday, November 10, 2005

Luvin' the Lulus, Part Deux

On The Record

Our recent posting about Council Members' unquenchable love of lulus seemed to generate much buzz on this blog and beyond. So we thought it would make sense to dig a bit deeper to give you a better perspective of where your candidates for Speaker fall on the matter (the matter being the usage of your tax dollars).

Again, we turned to a recent candidate questionnaire administered by Citizens Union. And here's what some of the playas had to say in response to the following question:

Do you support eliminating stipends for committee chairs and leadership positions and raising the base pay to a higher level that is equal among all City Council Members?

Bill de Blasio: No. The work involved in chairing a committee or working in a leadership position merits higher pay.

Christine Quinn: No. Committee Chairs have a great level of responsibility to ensure that their Committee is effectively working to further the interests of all New Yorkers. This includes managing Committee staff, meeting with a large number of citizen groups and advocates, and having an ongoing dialogue with Commissioners and other government officials. Therefore, I believe that Chairs should receive a stipend for their work, much in the same way that employees in any organization who have a greater level of responsibility and workload receive a higher pay. However, since every committee is charged with important responsibilities that affect the lives of millions of New Yorkers, I believe that every chair should receive the same level of compensation.

David Weprin: No, but I do support completely overhauling the current allocation formula. I believe that an internal policy committee should be established to determine which committees require more work and deserve greater compensation and this should occur before members receive their committee assignments.

As always, we invite the other Speaker candidates, for whom we have no record on this matter, to submit their responses to the same question to You deserve and will receive equal billing.


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