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Thursday, November 03, 2005


Darlene Mealey

This darling of organized labor pulled off an historic upset in the September Primaries, bringing down the Boyland Empire with a wallop.

Speaker candidates Quinn, Fidler, Rivera and Comrie kept their cool, and from what we can tell, stayed out of the fray.

But Weprin, Katz and de Blasio did not. They placed big bets on her opponent, Bill Boyland, Sr., father of term-limited Council Member Tracy Boyland.

If Mealey makes it through Tuesday's elections, someone's gonna have to pay (again). But who?

And might this transaction somehow make a difference? Council Member David Yassky placed a last minute wager on Mealey, literally in the 11th hour. And coincidentally, in the beginning of this year, candidate de Blasio parked some cash in the coffers of none other ... Brooklyn neighbor and colleague, Council Member Yassky.

So where does this leave Vito?


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