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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Membership in the Land Use Committee

Definitely Has Its Privileges

Don't believe us? Just ask Speaker candidate Melinda Katz, the Chair of the committee. From our preliminary analysis of her financial filings, she raked in over $170,000 from big NYC real estate during the 2005 election cycle - a staggering 26% of the pot.

Her list of contributors reads like a who's who of luxury NYC real estate, from the Rudins and
Elghanayans to the Walentas, Dursts and Brodskys.

And as for her grassrootsiness, well, the pastures are clearly greener on the developers' side. Of the 969 contributions Katz received (which, btw, averaged $688 a pop) only 81 of them were $100 or less - an abysmal 8%.

Additionally, Katz took in $57,000-plus from lobbyists and PACs combined (9%), and over $48,000 from organized labor (7%).

But the latter inflows pale in comparison to her coziness with real estate, which we must admit, leaves us wondering about the state of affordable housing in this city.


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