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Wednesday, November 02, 2005


Reich v. Hiram

Apparently part of the Queens County machine tactics involve a good bit of verbal abuse.

In this piece last year in the Daily News, Michael Reich, Executive Secretary of the Queens County Democratic organization, had this to say about Council Member Hiram Monserrate:

While it was never a match made in heaven - with a last-minute compromise earning Monserrate the party's support when he first ran in 2001 - the Corona councilman's independence has earned him the party's enmity.

"I would not want him to walk on the same side of the street that I am walking on," said party executive secretary Michael Reich, who has taken to calling him "Monster-rat."

Way to break 'em down boys!

I take it this means that Hiram will NOT be voting for the Manton-backed candidate?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

There's something animalistic about this crew.

5:08 PM

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