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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Power Play

The Daddy's Daddies!

In this 2002 Village Voice piece, Wayne Barrett does a good job of portraying the power party bosses can sway over the Speakership.

As an aside, Barrett also makes some interesting observations (at the time) regarding the borough of Brooklyn, and puts Speaker candidate, Bill de Blasio, on the record.

The locked-out borough is Brooklyn, whose 16-member delegation is the council's largest. Only five members got committee chairs, down from eight under Vallone, while another five got mostly inconsequential subcommittees. The borough even lost the Finance Committee, which Herb Berman skillfully used to Brooklyn's benefit for many years. Bill DiBlasio, the Park Slope councilman who helped engineer Perkins's switch to Miller, got General Welfare, and Lou Fidler got Youth Services, the two most important Brooklyn appointments.

Every one of a half dozen councilmembers from the borough contacted by the Voice—except DiBlasio—said Brooklyn had been hurt by Miller's retributive notion of justice. Brooklyn party leader Clarence Norman, of course, backed Rodriguez, indicating what happens to your borough in Miller's council if you've got the wrong boss.


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