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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Say What?

You Oughta Know

Here's what the public told us that they want to learn from tomorrow's public forum - where the seven candidates for Speaker will debate.

We can only encourage the goo-goos to pilfer these questions, and to put them to the candidates.

As to whether the questions get posed in the lightning round or otherwise, we really don't care!

1. Would you move to overturn term limits without putting a referendum to the voters?

2. Would you move to overhaul the Campaign Finance Board? And if so, how?

3. What else could each of you be doing right now to get the public more involved in the Speaker selection process?

4. Why should you represent the residents of the City as the next Council Speaker?

5. How would each of you have handled differently the Jennings sexual harassment case at the Council (or the Ford and Gentile cases, for that matter)?

6. Would you keep most of the Council's senior staff (Finance, Land Use, etc.) in place, or bring in new people?

7. Would you keep the current Chief of Staff, Charles Meara, in his position?

8. How would your tenure differ from that of Speaker Miller's?

9. What is your plan to tackle the gaping budget deficits the City faces?

10. Are you for or against the commuter tax?

11. Will you commit to making the City's entire fleet of taxis and car services wheelchair-accessible?

12. Would you keep the smoking ban in place?

13. As final arbiters of land use matters in the city, do you think it is appropriate for you to accept contributions from real estate developers?

14. What should be done with Manhattan's West Side?

15. What's missing in NYC Democratic politics?

Have more questions you'd like to have asked of the candidates? Put 'em in the comments section or email them to us confidentially at, and we'll add them to this list until tomorrow afternoon.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Since when did this process become everyone's damn business. . .leave the cronies to themesleves already. . .

5:38 PM

Anonymous Christian C. said...

I doubt anyone will touch the smoking ban issue.

10:00 AM


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