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Thursday, November 17, 2005

Tonight's Debate

Just a Reminder

That tonight the seven lovely candidates for the Speaker's post will be making a once-in-their-candidacy appearance to defend their quest for the Speakership.

A few other questions have surfaced since we last communicated. We've also been collecting all of the targeted questions so that we could unload them at once. Enjoy!

1. To Council Member Katz: Why have you contributed funds to your competitor's coffers?

2. To Council Member de Blasio: Why did you not heed the requests of good-government groups, the Times and Daily News to hold-off on pushing the single-source legislation?

3. To Council Member Comrie: As Majority Whip, you seem to have always fallen in line with leadership. Have you ever broken rank?

4. To Council Member Quinn: You are close to Speaker Miller and sit on the Council's internal sexual harassment and discrimination prevention committee. How would you have handled the cases against Jennings, Ford and Gentile differently?

5. To Council Member Weprin: What is your justification for accepting stipends above and beyond your base pay (i.e., the so-called "lulus")?

6. To Council Member Fidler: Do you believe that the public should have input into the Speaker selection process?

7. To Council Member Rivera: If not you, which of your competitors do you think would make the best Speaker?

8. And to everyone. Have you accepted any matching funds that you subsequently redistributed to other political campaign committees?


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