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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Tonight's Debate


So the reality is that tonight's event was all around shitty.

The "give-us-a-yes/no answer-or-die" forum didn't do justice to the questions or to the 1,000 people in attendance. And frankly, neither did a few of the candidates who truly seemed like they just didn't give a damn about being there. But hey, at least they showed.

Speaker candidates Katz & Comrie courageously pulled out in the last minute. We wonder why? But we invite them to explain their absences; Fidler had this to say yesterday about his.

There were no real policy differences expressed this evening. Tonight was just about the varying degrees of heat each of the candidates could weather in Bertha Lewis's packed kitchen.

Speaker candidate Quinn likes it hot, hot, hot - not a crowd favorite - but she seemed to conform the least to the raucous landlord hatin' crowd. Or was she just paying homage to her daddy? We will never know. But she was followed in heat-loving order by de Blasio, Weprin and Rivera.

What was perhaps most disturbing - and telling - about the evening was that it came off at points as Team Council vs. Team People. For example, candidates Quinn and de Blasio went to painstaking efforts in their opening remarks to excuse their colleagues' absences. We know and understand why, but just felt that they could have put on hold their brown-nosing for the evening, and feigned just a tad more their interest in talking to the peeps.

Regardless, the notable quote for the evening goes to Quinn as well: "None of us can guarantee the passage of any bill."

So, there you have it!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The people who run this blog are either smoking crack or mentally defective. Why would any of the power brokers involved in actually making the speaker care about who was the crowd favorite at a gathering of left-wing housing freaks?

11:53 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Its what happened after the housing freak "rally" that should spark some interest. Weprin was yet again seen with Vito Lopez... oh yeah Quinn was there too.

12:19 AM

Blogger Backroom Deal Breaker said...

11:53 ... We're well aware that the power brokers have ABSOLUTELY NO interest as to who was (or was not) the favorite at last night's "gathering of left-wing housing freaks." Nonetheless, we appreciate your eloquent explanation of the problem with the status quo.

9:00 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

One can only hope that last night's questioners and audience recognized that only David Weprin continually outlined and detailed initiatives which can lead to maximizing Healthy Homes Now!

5:09 PM

Blogger Barry Popik said...

Can someone ask the Speaker candidates about pay raises that the city council will surely vote for itself? You KNOW this is coming very soon. Why does no one ask this question? Are these people really worth six-figure salaries for their spare time????

6:55 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Housing groups that are not under Acorn's control understand the one-bill litmus test does not make a candidate worthy of being speaker, that the Healthy Homes Act is an illusion and won't do anything more than if existing laws were enforced, and that Quinn is full of nonsense.

3:59 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

If it makes Barry Popik feel any better, the Council has no authority to give itself a pay raise. One of the few things they are prohibited from attempting. It is in the charter.

8:13 AM

Blogger Barry Popik said...

Yes, city council pay raises are suggested by the little-known Quadrennial Advisory Commission for the Review of Compensation Levels of Elected Officials. In 1999, the city council's Committee on Governmental Operations approved a 28% increase, from $70,500 (approved in 1995) to the current $90,000. Expect a large city council pay raise no later than 2007. Salaries will be at least $110,000. Not including "lulus," of course.

9:14 AM

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