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Thursday, November 03, 2005

What's the Deal?

... With Manhattan's East Side?

It's mad boppin'. The pink elephant in the room (or rather, the blue and red one) has the Speaker candidates - and their armies - running wild.

Perhaps it was this latest New York Times piece, or maybe just a nudge from the recent Times and Citizens Union endorsements, but from the UFT headquarters to the City Council to Garodnick hq on to the Lappin campaign, bodies are flyin' all over the place.

So let's start south and work our way upwards.

At 52 Broadway (UFT hq): lots of peeps making lots of calls mostly on Jessica's behalf. Recruitment for bodies has been particularly heavy at 250 Broadway, btw, which might explain what's going on at the City Council ... N - O - T - H - I - N - G! Absolutely cavernous, sources say.

Confirmed at Garodnick hq: Weprin, de Blasio and Quinn have people working 'round the clock.

Confirmed at Lappin hq: Quinn folks running a tight ship with a flock of Miller aides coming in and out.

And meanwhile, Rosie Mendez is said to be on the lookout for new office space, of the more non-Scientological variety.


Anonymous CFB Auditor said...

Do bodies count as in-kind contributions?

11:15 AM


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