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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Who's Your Daddy?

If you were to ask Chris Quinn...

She'd have to say big NYC real estate. Hands down.

Out of $273,000 in campaign contributions she took in during the 2005 Election Cycle, a whopping $63,000 (or 23%) came from real estate interests.

So big deal you say? The other 77% must have been funded by the little guy. Hmmm ... well ... NOT REALLY!

Only 18% of Chris's contributors gave $100 or less. Chris's average contribution for the 2005 cycle was a whopping $550 (that's one Bloomie real estate rebate plus another buck-fifty). Another 13% of her contributions came from lobbyists and PACs, and another 8% came from organized labor.

And to those who squawk that the campaign finance filings shouldn't be dissected, I can only suggest finding a new career. You've obviously been around politics for way too long. While the money trail may be of no consequence to you, I would think that for the city's tenants it might be important to have a leader who can safeguard their homes.

And to the campaigns of the other Speaker candidates ... don't jump for joy just yet. This posting marks the first of a series.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great posts thus far. Keep up the great work. The people of this city need to realize just how much of a slave even the most "harmless" politicians have become to special interest.

10:01 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Totally, what the above poster said. And in the interest of gud spElinG, I think you meant "safeguard," not "safegaurd."

3:58 PM


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