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Saturday, December 17, 2005

100% of Precincts Reporting

Rivera Voted Off Speaker Island

So, the question we posed for yesterday's vote was as follows:

Who do you think absolutely, positively does NOT stand a chance of achieving the Speakership post?

We've gotta say, the results were a bit surprising, and seem to go strongly against the grain of conventional wisdom.

Seventy-five people voted in this very unscientific election. As for the interpretation of the outcome, that's all you (click on the image to enlarge):


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This of course proves nothing. But while many continue to presume that Quinn and DeBlasio are the favorites in the press and around certain circles of conversation, most people realize that either of those two would be the worst thing to happen to the Council. People have to also realize that they are not the most well thought of and liked members of the Council. Most realize that with either of them comes a litany of special interest groups that most members of the Council are not as comfortable with. And no county leader wants to have to share power with special interest groups that do not benfit them.

12:19 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Or it proves that another candidates' people were calling around trying to get votes for Quinn.

2:32 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

If any of the candidates wasted their time calling people to submit a vote for this pole, they have too much time on their hands and should give it up all together.

5:54 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

get real - with any of the candidates (not just quinn or deblasio) comes a litany of special interests groups. this *is* politics, afterall.

the question is (well, i guess there are two...)
a.) who has led in a real and broad capacity, proving that he or she is able to accomplish real goals (even given aforementioned special interest groups.)
b.) who has established strong and trusted relationships with his or her council colleagues that now make him or her a stronger candidate

3:15 PM


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