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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

8 Days & Counting

'til We Get the Party Started

Ahhhhh ... the background noise. More and more of it as the sassy seven continue wheeling & dealing their way to a victory next week.

In today's New York Sun, Jill Gardiner quotes bye-bye-to-term-limiteur, Upper West Side Councilwoman Gale Brewer, in a piece that insists the Speaker's race is down to two, Speaker candidates Quinn and de Blasio.

"I really believe it's 50-50," says Brewer. (Note to team de Blasio: must do better job with daily talking points memo.)

Though, not to be outdone, Speaker candidate Weprin insists that he too has got game, calling his colleagues' purported votes of support "very rubbery" and unreliable.

And in the New York Post, former Upper East Side Council Member Charles Millard makes a righteous comeback in an article about how the next Council Speaker will most certainly lean even further left. A true, all around revelation.


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