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Thursday, December 15, 2005

And It Just Keeps Pourin'

More and More Ducket$

The ducket$ - they're everywhere you turn.

This time, we turn to Speaker candidate David Weprin, whose moolah trail we had yet to follow - until today!

To the point: much like his Queens cohort, Leroy Comrie, Weprin takes oodles of ducket$ from lobbyists, PACs and organized labor. A full 25% of his contributions during the 2005 election cycle came from those sources.

While David's long on organized ducket$, he's short on grassroot$. A measly 19% of his contributing base gave $100 or less, while his average take was a staggering $570 per contribution.

And to round it all off, Weprin took in over $45,000 from real estate interests, which comprised approximately 9% of his total pie.



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