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Friday, December 30, 2005

Barron Explains

Why He's Not Backing Comrie

Not too long after Council Member Charles Barron declared his outright support for Speaker candidate Comrie, came the sudden announcement that Barron's vote for the Speakership had moved to camp de Blasio.

So last week, Barron took the time to explain to Nayaba Arinde of the Amsterdam News his decision-making process, and to defend how it is exactly that he's now supporting a white male - a group he's referred to repeatedly as having too much power in the city.

Here's a snippet:

If he cannot support a Black man for speaker, Barron said that he will try and use the leverage of the Caucus on the victorious speaker to get as many ''people of color'' in committee chair positions ''and use that to bust up the unbalanced white power structure.''

Yet, and still, he said, ''Even with a few days to go, if we all can get behind Leroy I will support him. But he told me himself that it is going to be between DeBlasio and Christine Quinn.''

Click here to read the article in its entirety.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Charles better get off the De Blasio train wreck that's coming. Or the only members of color with committees will be those who backed Chris.

10:26 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Charles Barron is as big a hypocrite as they come. Here is a man who has made a career of slamming the system because "too many white men have too many positions of power" running with his tail between his legs now and supporting the "white man" in the race. What a joke. After reading that article, he has just proved that he is more of a jackass than most of us already thought. What a joke.

11:28 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

you are a joke! Do you personally know Barron or De Blasio. If you did you would not of said either comment.

2:22 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Its not about knowing them. Just stating the facts. Charles should call Chris now or he will be w/o a committee on Thursday.

4:19 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey anonymous 2:22, I was going to go into a lengthy explanation for you regarding your answer. But it is obvious you have not a clue as to how any of this works or knows either of their pasts and their reputations. Therefore, continue to be a bystander and one day, maybe, you can come and play with the big boys.

11:50 AM

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