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Friday, December 23, 2005

Fido's Choice

Not Throwin' These Dawgs a Bone

This past summer the League of Humane Voters of NYC, the peeps concerned with all things ruff ruff, released their NYC Council Humane Scorecard. As you can see, de Blasio and Katz aced the League's exam, while Quinn and Rivera ... not so much!

Bill de blasio --- 100
Christine Quinn --- 25
David Weprin --- 75
Joel Rivera --- 25
Leroy Comrie --- 50
Lew Fidler --- 75
Melinda Katz --- 100

And of Quinn's positions on various bills (and Speaker Miller's, for that matter), the League did not mince words:

She [Quinn] is not a cosponsor of any of the animal bills in our scorecard and has not worked to have the bill to stop rodeo cruelty scheduled for a hearing in her committee. She has said she does not feel that rodeos are an "“issue" and refuses to meet to discuss it and other humane issues.

He [Speaker Miller] and Council Member Quinn have both been dismissive of the bill to stop rodeo cruelty. Miller has not paid any attention to the pet shop sprinkler bill. In addition, after the pets in housing bill successfully passed the Housing & Buildings committee in December of 2004, he had it sent back, claiming that those who voted yes did so on the condition that it would be changed and sent back.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, that settles it. I'm sure Tom Manton is going to do just what a bunch of animal rights freaks want regardless of everything else. Shut down the blog, the race is over.

12:55 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

anyone know if manton has a dog, or any other animal?

1:39 PM


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