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Monday, December 12, 2005

Goo-goo Gone Bad?

Our Regrets

We may have gone against our better judgment in making the Gotham Gazette one of the beneficiaries from the sales of our holiday Speaker-ware and apparel. We believe the
Gazette to be a fine publication, but thoughtlessly separated it from Citizens Union, its parent organization.

Soon after we posted, readers started piping-up about their distaste for CU - with whom, admittedly, we also have had reservations. So we decided to let purchasers dictate to us how they want proceeds from their purchases allocated among the three organizations.

But nevermind that. What we discovered this weekend, in the process of researching this latest piece on the Council's efforts to repeal term limits, was even more disturbing.

CU seems to have pulled a slight-of-hand. Since we last reported using answers from the 2005 candidate questionnaires that were posted on the CU website (see this piece on term limits and this piece on lulus), the questionnaires ... well ... THEY'VE DISAPPEARED!

All that remains are a bleary-eyed matrix summarizing candidates' responses as well as the official CU Voter Directory (with only CU's analysis of the candidates' answers). No
longer available are copies of the candidates' answers, in the candidates' own words.

So, here's our resolve. We're going to give CU 24-hours to explain to us why the questionnaires have been pulled off-line, who was behind that decision and while we're at it, why there are no archives of responses from elections past.

The statement can either be emailed to us at or posted in the comments section. We'll then post their explanation, and wait to read what you - the readers - have to say about it.

And if they don't respond, we'll simply yank the Gotham Gazette off the beneficiary list. Financially, probably not a big loss for CU, but silence will speak volumes ... we guarantee it!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

why does this not surprise me?

11:59 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dick Dadey is a useless hack

12:22 PM

Blogger civix said...

Simply in the benefit of useful discourse, I was curious if the anonymous poster of the hack statements would use his real name, as to apply credentials to the opinion in order to judge the relevance of the statement.

12:36 PM


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