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Monday, December 12, 2005

Good Goo-goo

Citizens Union Responds

We'd like to commend the folks at Citizens Union for taking the time to engage. We posted this criticism earlier today, and by 3:00pm they sent us this response:



We write in response to, "Goo-goo Gone Bad,"” 12 December 2005.

When we recently moved the Citizens Union Voters Directory from our homepage to archive it, we unintentionally omitted a link to the questionnaires. Now that this oversight has been discovered, the link will be posted on this page: For your information, the present iteration of is only an interim site as we are in the process of building a more accessible, searchable and extensive website in the coming months.

We are glad to know that you value this information. This is the first year that Citizens Union has made its candidate questionnaires available online to the public. We are happy to be transparent in providing this resource to the public.


Doug Israel
Director of Policy and Advocacy

Sara Stuart
Director of Development and Communication


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