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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Late-Aft Blog Stroll

We're Lookin' Out for You

The Boss, as in PO Boss, puts Speaker candidate Quinn & some of her Council colleagues on the record on term limits and here; and also previews what cosmetics magnate Ron Lauder might have in store for the next Speaker.

Meanwhile, The Fifth Estate gives what is perhaps the best reason to keep term limits in place. Speaker Miller goes on the record with the obvious.

Katz Money. The Politicker gives a nod to Speaker candidate Katz for her tremendously inefficient campaign; and also gives a shout-out to Speaker Miller for being most inefficient in the race for the Mayoralty.

And Gothamist got into the act this weekend, reporting on the Times' coverage of the term limits saga - and like our own Publique Advo-Kate, encouraging readers to weigh-in.

Stay tuned! More to come...


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