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Monday, December 12, 2005

Next Speaker Must Settle the Score

17-9 ... Neys Lead It!

Thanks to some very generous reader input - as well as Citizen Union's latest web patch - the PO Boss was able to generate a Monday afternoon update as to where each of our Council Members (and Council Members-elect) stand on undoing the will of the voters come term limits time.

So far, we've counted 17 members who are on the side of "not gonna do it". And as far as we can tell, 9 members are ready to roll, ready to undo the world as we know it.

For kicks, we thought we'd give the next Speaker a preview of what they will have to face. Again, we turn to the CU candidate questionnaires:

Council Member Alan Gerson (1st, Manhattan): The current Council should be limited to 2, 4-year terms. Future Councils should be permitted to serve longer if approved by voter referendum but not by a City Council vote alone.

Council Member-elect Dan Garodnick (4th, Manhattan): While I do not favor term limits, I will not vote to change them as a member of the City Council. These term limits were decided through the referendum process, and I do not support reversing that through a Council vote.

Council Member-elect Melissa Mark-Viverito (8th, Manhattan): I believe that the people have spoken on this issue and that decision should be respected. Any changes should be proposed in a referendum and should not be decided in the halls of the City Council. What I do encourage is the staggering of terms to ensure that we do not lose any institutional memory and to have a more effective Council.

Council Member Oliver Koppell (11th, Bronx): I support a change to at least 16 years if not an outright repeal of term limits.

Council Member James Sanders (31st, Queens): I have always supported three terms (of 4 years each).

Council Member-elect Darlene Mealy (41st, Brooklyn): I favor extending or eliminating term limits, but the question should be decided by the voters.

Council Member Vincent Gentile (43rd, Brooklyn): While the benefits of term limits can be meritorious, I would support modifying the number of terms served by councilmembers.


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