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Monday, December 19, 2005

Noon Time Round-up

DN, NY Mag, The Politicker & Fifth Estate All Have Stuff

PO Boss reports this morning about the Daily News edit heads going for the jugulars of the Speaker candidates - as well as for those of their colleagues. So beware!

And Greg Sargent of New York Magazine, questions how much Hillary might factor into the making of the next Council Speaker. Here's a snippet:

“Members want a speaker who’s completely focused on filling their potholes, steering money to their district’s groups, and speaking to their constituents,” a member says. “But it’s a safe bet that a Speaker De Blasio would be spending a fair amount of time in Iowa and other states for Hillary. Bill’s not a local pol; he’s a political operative.”

Meanwhile, The Politicker refutes the notion that the Times' nod to Quinn this past weekend - on which Backroomie reported yesterday - was some kind of first; and reprints a piece the Times ran in January of 1986 about then Speaker Peter Vallone.

And the Fifth Estate reminds us that one Speaker candidate was left off the Times' radar screen entirely. Porque?


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