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Friday, December 02, 2005


Take On the Assemblymeisters

Just as we were starting to relax into a slow news Friday, came this juicy tidbit.

Tomorrow at Hostos Community College, Speaker candidates Comrie, de Blasio, Fidler and Rivera will be joined by Speaker Miller - and others - to hoop it up against the New York State Assembly. (Candidates Quinn, Katz and Weprin ... apparently don't got game.)

Funny? Indeed. But not nearly as humorous as the Speaker candidates battling one another, 3-on-3-style (with 1 cheerleading from the bench at all times), for the Speakership post. Now that would be a way to settle the score?

Rivera, team captain, organizer and chief trash-talker, had this to say to the Assembly's captain, Luis Diaz, "We are better prepared this year, and plan to take it."

Folks, you heard it here first!


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