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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

The Times Noise Maker

Starting to Sound Familiar

There must be an AP style manual out there on how to write a Speaker's race story. Today, it was Winnie Hu of the Times.

We imagine that this is what the manual says:

Headline: Two on Council Seen as Strong

Intro: The battle is increasingly focused between two candidates, de Blasio and Quinn

Body: Both have been lobbying their colleagues and party leader relentlessly, and will continue to do so through the holidays.

Quote Support: It's a two person race and has been for a while.

Quote Oppose: Nuh-uh. No it's not. And anyone who says so is spinning you like a top (very Hannukahish, btw).

Develop Character #1: Quinn, a Miller ally, is nice. Colleagues like her.

Develop Character #2: de Blasio, Hillary's boy, is also nice. Has strong ties to labor.

Develop Intro/Body Further: No one really has any say except Queens and Bronx Country leaders; and maybe the new Brooklyn leader as well.

Quote Support: We'll make the decision in the backrooms at the last minute.

Quote Oppose: I don't think it should be done this way.

Quote Character #1: The pieces are in place for a victory.

Quote Character #2: I'm going to keep pressing my case.

Conclusion: Lots of time left. Anything could happen ... it is politics.


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