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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

A Triumvirate No More

Miller, Quinn & Moskowitz

In last week's New York Observer, the edit heads gave a fond farewell to Speaker Miller and his once close confidant, outgoing East Side Councilwoman Eva Moskowitz, calling their departure "a genuine loss for all New Yorkers, not just those on Manhattan's East Side whom they represented."

Which reminded us that so much has transpired since the troika (which included Quinn) took over the Speakership in January of 2002. The most memorable, undoubtedly, were the tumultuous hearings Moskowitz held on the UFT's contract rules. We're quite certain those were the hearings that actually broke Miller's back (at least vis-a-vis Moskowitz).

Current Speaker candidate Quinn and Moskowitz were significant players in Council 2001, Miller's revolutionary PAC that helped launch him into the Speakership. Their support of Miller gained them all sorts of goodies, including Committee Chair posts, additional staff, additional funding as well as access to a much despised Thursday afternoon meeting with the Speaker and his senior staff.

That's what we can tell you, but please, feel free to add your own fond (or perhaps, not so fond) memories of the years gone by...


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