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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Voters Rob Katz's Kitty

Thanks for Playin'

We thought Katz had nine lives, but we were wrong. She just had seven.

With 100% of precincts reporting, voters have officially deprived Katz of her last two incarnations. She now joins her colleague and financial grantee, Speaker candidate Joel Rivera, on cast-off island.

Two things to note about this particular vote:

1. Public odds, whatever they're worth, seem to be leaning right now towards a Speaker Quinn.

2. We noticed an unusual voting pattern very early this morning coming from Brooklyn (a surprise to all, we're sure!) which went very heavily against Speaker candidate de Blasio.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

sayonara katz!

5:22 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here's the real question. Did you trace any votes to Tom Manton's IP address?

7:15 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

i was over at the queens dem office today and i heard them say melinda doesnt like portofino's. to quote jamie, "she's outa there somebody get me a ham muzzarell"

2:49 AM


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