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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

The Vox

de Blasio's Pimps & Johns

The PO Boss has already started to scan far and wide for voices outside of City Hall's inner circle. And such must be the case for Backroomie as well. Cuz you never know what you're gonna find out there.

Take Steven H. from Amherst, MA, wandering soul and author of the now defunct The Vastness of Pavement blog.

Turns out that on June 10, 2005, Steven had an interview with one Peter [Hatch] of de Blasio fame. Unfortunately, Steven's blog died soon after his encounter in the City, but not before leaving us with some entertaining tidbits. An excerpt of Steve's observations follows:

Another good way to line up votes is to help colleagues--and potential colleagues--win their races. That's where Peter came in. His main function was to broker volunteers out to friendly campaigns as a gesture of thanks for their future speaker vote. The way I saw it, I was just one of the pimp's many bitches being passed around to various johns.

On the one hand, it was cool he planned to send me all around the city, meeting new people and... well, pretty much giving me something to do besides wander. But in another sense...

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this is hilarious!

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