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Friday, December 23, 2005

We Like Being Flip...

... Others Love to Flop

And yet, there are still others who ... well ... seem to like it both ways - if you know what we mean?

In February of 2001, many of your Council Members now gone bye-bye were asked two questions:

1. If they supported Intro 880 which then sought to repeal term limits; and

2. If term limits were repealed, would they seek reelection.

But two of your Council Members did not go bye-bye, and today find themselves as Speaker candidates.

Enter candidates Quinn and Rivera.

Here are the results of how Speaker candidates Quinn and Rivera answered the survey, as well as the record of how they eventually voted (note that an affirmative vote meant keeping term limits in place).

And for kicks, we thought we'd leave you with these recent statements:

Quinn: "I have a long standing opposition to term limits..."

Rivera: "Let's put it this way, when you go to the dentist, do you want someone right out of dental school?"

Uhhhh huhhhh ... ok ... we hear you loud and clear!


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