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Saturday, January 28, 2006

Bye-Bye Judicial Conventions!

Hello Sanity!

We've gotta say ... we never thought this day would come.

Yesterday, Federal Judge John Gleeson of the United States District Court in Brooklyn opened up a can of whoop-ass on the establishment for the way they have chosen their judicial nominees - a tip of the hat to democracy! The ruling bars the establishment from the practice of selecting candidates for State Supreme Court justice at sharply controlled nominating conventions that effectively rob voters of their say of who ultimately makes it to the bench.

Judge Margarita Lopez Torres who brought the case hailed the decision as "a victory for the judiciary and a victory for all New Yorkers and for democracy. It's also a victory for candidates who are well qualified but who have been shut out of the process." So reported William K. Rashbaum of The New York Times.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

And victories for the following others:
Fat unqualified rich guys who wanna be Supreme Court Justices
People of diminshed ambitions who will slip thru at Civil court figuring that the fat unqualified rich guys may as well run for Supreme and maybe no one will notice their unqualfied asses running for the lower court
campaign consultants and the US mail service
Taharka Robinson who can now make an additional two hundred thousand a year hanging posters
Give me a break. Anyone who think sthat hte legislature is goign to do campaign financing for judicial elections is smoking crack. This is a disaster, adn will force many well qualififed bpeople out of the running.
Yipeee yay for reform. Now how do we handle the mess it will leave....

9:03 PM


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