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Monday, January 09, 2006

Expectations Riding High

So Says the New York Times

Yesterday, the edit heads at the NY Times gave the newly minted Speaker Quinn a whole-hearted welcome, concluding:

New Yorkers have reason to have high hopes for Ms. Quinn. She has a strong activist spirit and has always been good at working with communities at the grass roots level. Her straightforward manner should serve her well. She has said she wants her tenure to be one of big ideas. It's a goal worthy of the city she will help to lead.

But not without first taking the time to issue a few stern warnings.

Here was one of them:

It's also important that she establish priorities independent of the county party bosses and other forces who helped to elevate her to speaker. The concern is no small one. Democratic leaders in Queens, the Bronx and Brooklyn helped engineer the near-unanimous vote; the lone abstainer was Charles Barron, from Brooklyn, who spoke for many New Yorkers when he took issue with the insider-only process.


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