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Monday, January 09, 2006

The Foregone Conclusions

In Our PermaGov

Last week, columnist John Avlon of the New York Sun took the most insightful look we've read to date on the Speakership race that was, and then wasn't. Much like Backroomie, Avlon took great issue with the process, saying:

...Initially, there was a crowded and competitive field, but just days before the final vote was scheduled, all the other candidates miraculously dropped out to leave only Manhattan's Christine Quinn standing.

When election results are determined before the election itself is held, it is a bad sign. Unanimity is antithetical to democracy.

He goes on to note that:

If this is progress, it deserves to be taken with a side shot of skepticism. It marks less a change than a continuation of influence by the unelected. The fact that Ms. Quinn has retained outgoing City Council Speaker Gifford Miller's chief of staff indicates what is occurring.

We could not have argued the point any better!!


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