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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Gay Publications

Good Hair Day

As you can imagine, what makes the selection of Christine Quinn unique is not only that she is the first woman to hold the Speakership post, but also the first out lesbian. (as in, gay all year round) leads today with:

Christine Quinn has earned a double distinction, becoming the first woman and the first out lesbian to serve as the speaker of New York City Council.

Good as You has this to say:

Democratic Councilwoman Christine Quinn (pic.) is expected to be nominated to the powerful position. Meaning, of course, that the City Council will now use the terms "baby dyke," "U-haul," and "new season of the 'The L Word'" far more frequently.

Queerty has a piece titled "Lesbian Gets Closer to Bloomberg";

And even Fox-TV in Columbus, Georgia (of all places) covered Quinn's pending vitory. Click here to view.

Of this, there'll be more to come ... of that, we're certain!


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