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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

The Gift of Lulu

Edit Heads a Slappin'

In an editorial today entitled, "They're not all pigs," the Daily News edit heads give Council Member Tony Avella a loud-ass shout-out for turning down his lulu'd leadership for the fifth consecutive year. They have this to say:

Accepting a lulu "binds the recipient to the will of the leadership," Avella correctly notes. "Independence and freethinking ... [are] lost as a result." Along with putting one's constituents' concerns ahead of any other agenda.

And in the same piece, the edit heads give Lulu-come-lately-Council Member Eric Gioia a tiny tip of the hat for giving away his lulu to charity, saying:

Nice, but the money still comes out of taxpayers' pockets while Gioia gets credit for largess.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is Gioia going to give to charity the $40,000 he took the last 4 years or is it just a recent change of heart

4:03 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

some smart person last week said that Gioia was going to try to quietly attack Quinn in Newsday by going on the record attacking the lulu system then keep his mouth shut in the NY Times where quinn and his donors would notice. Well Backroomie, its time to do another story, because in todays Times, Gioia, after attacking Quinn last week, commends her this week, while making sure that the reporter says he "is close to Quinn." You see, he wants his donors to see that quote, especially the real estate guys he squeezes for donations. can we see the two quotes side by side ? what a phony ! last week he said the lulu process is done in backrooms and is slimy. this week he says the Speaker is a great reformer. what a loser ! he must have been having a heart attack for the last week trying to kiss quinns ass to make up to her. of course, quinn and all of the city council members are too smart for that guy. he is the most disliked elected offical in new york city.

12:10 AM

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