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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

It's Official...

Speaker Christine Callaghan Quinn

[compilation of earlier live posts]

Speaker-select Quinn walked into a standing room only City Council Chambers, a room packed with insiders ... lobbyists, party bosses, union heads, elected officials, staff, friends and family.

Kingmakers Manton, Rivera and Lopez had front row seats, as did UFT chief Randi Weingarten. Oddly enough, she was the only union head sitting in the elected officials' section (hmmm...note to self), and just behind arch nemesis, former Councilwoman Eva Moskowitz, no less (that's entertaining because...).

Quinn received a prolonged ovation. There appeared to be recognition of the significance of the moment: Quinn is a woman and openly gay, a Speakership first. Recognition is good!

Following a flawed roll call in which one former Council Member's name was called (Margarita Lopez) and one current Council Member's name was not (Miguel Martinez), a Brooklyn minister prayed for the crowd, and for "Speaker Quinn" ... even though the vote to make her Speaker and all hadn't yet happened. But no worries, that's just backroomie feeling a little funny inside.

Another odd moment came during Quinn's final words, after giving an impassioned speech. She recounted a story where her father recently yelled at the television set because the reporter - after mentioning that Quinn was a woman and openly gay - forgot to mention that she was Irish as well. Cute story indeed.

But what wasn't so cute was the exchange that transpired immediately thereafter between Quinn and a very excited Irishman, Queens Boss Tom Manton. The two had this wink-wink back and forth finger-pointing, I love you thing going on. Made backroomie feel even funnier inside.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

makes me feel funny too, and i wasn't even there.

2:53 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Irish can produce a lot better than Quinn. This is all so embarrassing. Backroomie, is this now a puff blog?

3:25 PM


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