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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

The Morning Line-up

Is Long and Deep

Winnie Hu of the New York Times writes a Front Page (as in A1) feature story on Speaker-to-be Christine Callaghan Quinn, painting her as a "Doer and Trailblazer".

Meanwhile, the Daily News has a three-fer on Quinn. Karen Matthews has a story from yesterday's press conference; Michael Goodwin warns that Quinn will defy the voters on term limits; and lastly, the edit heads welcome the City's first woman and openly gay Speaker, and preview for her the smack that will come down should she choose to putz around with the term limits voters put in place.

The New York Post offers a two-fer. Stefan Friedman and David Seifman give us another Quinn feature, introducing Kim Catullo (Quinn's Partner), Lawrence Quinn (her father) as well as Andy and Sadie (her two dogs). And the Post edit heads welcome Quinn with a suggestion of their own - that she not be like Speaker Giff.

offers a multiple-fer as well. First a Short Take on the irony of having two well-established Glen Cove residents as prominent political figures in NY State. Second, Melanie Lefkowitz recounts Quinn's deft backroom maneuvering.

And lastly, the New York Sun gives us these two takes: a look at the buzz behind how the Council spoils will be divvied (as in, committee assignments, leadership posts and phat salaries) - courtesy of Jill Gardiner; and, a review of another press conference yesterday in which the goo-goos called on Quinn and her Council to enact a set of rules reforms.


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