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Monday, January 30, 2006

Musical Chairs, Council-Style


An interesting read. Dan Barry of The New York Times wrote a fairly irreverent column this weekend about the Council's practice of doling out seat assignments to Council Members. It's a practice equally steeped in backroom politics as is the process of selecting the City Council Speaker.

Council Members who supported the new Speaker got their plum choice of seating. And for those who weren't so supportive ... well ... they ended up in the back of the room (standing no chance of landing on your evening newscast) or sitting in front of the statute of Thomas Jefferson - as was the case with oft-dissenting and Jefferson-loathing Council Member Charles Barron.

But ne'er mind that ... what we found most entertaining was the flagrant obnoxiousness emanating from the Council; and twas a battle at that.

On the one hand, you had Quinn Chief of Staff Chuck Meara who " said he found it hard to believe that anyone would care about seating assignments in the Council chamber," ... "and dismissed any idea that those assignments have been used as subtle punishment. "

Oh please!

And on the other ... well ... we've said enough already. You can read it here.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

yeah...Chris risks detracting from her stated agenda, as more folks pay attention to the appearance of petty vindictiveness. It appears that she needs to hire more thoughtful,more sophisticated managers who could provide her with more helpful guidance.

1:35 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sounds like the Quinn staffers are already taking shots at the Miller holdovers - this should get fun pretty soon.

12:31 PM

Anonymous anonymused said...

As a former Council staffer during the Miller years, I can say that pettiness is not out of the norm at the Council. Christine Quinn has only perfected the peccadillos of her predecessor...

6:35 PM


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