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Friday, January 13, 2006

Pay Day

Kickback #1: Ramon Martinez

Queens Boss Tom Manton, the dude who engineered Speaker Quinn, recently started cashing in. His first take is Public Advocate Gotbaum's Senior Advisor, Ramon Martinez.

Thanks to Manton, he has been hired as Quinn's Deputy Chief of Staff - and will be making an amount "slightly higher" than the current $160,000 he earns with Gotbaum - according to Council sources. That's what Frank Lombardi of the Daily News reported today.

Word on the street:
The good Quinn's Chief of Staff, Chuck Meara, could possibly do apparently remains uncertain - and he may need to start watching his back.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

And how good a job has Gotbaum done? Is this the dumbing down of the staff to match the IQ of the overall council? Maybe this will undercut the argument being advanced by Quinn in favor of term limits that Council staff has too much power (and therefore, in some crazy logic, the stupid councilmembers that listen to the uber-staff should get another four years).

12:32 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

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