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Thursday, January 12, 2006

The People's House?

(photo from New York

Not So Much

Columnist Joyce Purnick of the New York Times takes a look today at one of the unintended consequences of the term limits law, the ridiculous growth and power of lobbyists. She notes:

Their number and power have grown so noticeably that when Councilwoman Christine C. Quinn became speaker eight days ago, the Council chamber couldn't hold all the lobbyists who turned up.

Which makes the assertion that Speaker Quinn made during her acceptance speech - that "...we are the People's House," ring a bit hollow.

So here's our question. Will Speaker Quinn walk the talk? Your guess is as good as ours, but in the mean time here's what she had to say of the lobbyists influence at City Hall:

"It's problematic, something we need to be vigilant about, to make sure that the familiarity does not cross over the line," Ms. Quinn said in an interview.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is this blog turning into an apologism for Quinn, or what? First, Quinn is as bought as anyone else.

You know Quinn and others only a few weeks ago were putting forth the idea that the reason for changing term limits was necessary because of the increase in lobbyists alleged power.

But people should blame only the electeds for allowing themselves to be bought.

And of course the question is who put Purnick up to write the piece. Things like this do not happen in a vacuum and someone pitched the story to her, a lobbyist, or perhaps someone who has a vested interest in changing term limits. Maybe Quinn.

9:16 PM


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