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Friday, January 06, 2006


Bloggy Style

It's been a long week for Backroomie. Lots 'o action. And now, we're tired. So let's stroll...

We start off with our brethren, PO Boss. Per the new ad in our sidebar, the Boss takes a satirical and cynical look at who exactly is the boss of whom and gears up for the next major battle, term limits.

Over at The Politicker, Ben & co. take a look at the reemergence of former City Council President Tom Cuite by way of his opposition to a gay rights bill 30 years ago. And also take a whack at the gayphoria that gripped the Council this week.

Meanwhile, Fifth Estate recounts how de Blasio could not get beyond the number 17. He was ... how shall we say it ... stuck.

And over on Wonkster, Gotham Gazette's blog, Joshua goes after our heart of hearts ... peering into the backrooms of the Speaker's race. Guess we should've welcomed them as well!


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