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Friday, January 06, 2006

The Times & Newsday Enter the Backroom


We're happy you're here.

Now that gayphoria is subsiding, New York Times City Hall reporter Winnie Hu and Newsday columninst William Murphy decided to turn their attention to Speaker Quinn's powerful friends.

The concern over the influence Kingmakers Manton, Lopez and Rivera (the County bosses who sat "prominently in the front row like doting uncles" during Wednesday's crowning ceremony) might now wield over Speaker Quinn is becoming more and more real.

In Murphy's piece, CUNY Professor Doug Muzzio had this to say:

"This was deja vu all over again. It's a repeat of 2001 and once again Tom Manton won big," Doug Muzzio, a professor of public affairs at Baruch College, said yesterday.

"Tom Manton got exactly what he got in 2001 - a lot," said Muzzio, who moderated a post-election forum in November with the leading candidates for council speaker.

Hu concluded her piece with this insight from former Speaker candidate Lew Fidler:

"She's [Speaker Quinn] very much an inside player," said Councilman Lewis A. Fidler of Brooklyn, who had also vied for speaker. "I don't think she ever pretended that she was anything else."

Read the NYT piece in its entirety here!

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