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Friday, February 17, 2006


Part Deux

We've got to hand it to our new Speaker, Christine Quinn. She seems to be playin' her cards just right.

Yesterday, the Council jefe stood side by side with el Mayor B, as they announced their intentions to pass a package of lobbying reforms ... which we likey very much!

It's a five point plan that seeks to accomplish the following:
  • ban gifts from lobbyists to government officials
  • strengthen enforcement of the lobbying law and double the maximum penalties for violations
  • mandate that lobbyist disclose information about their political consulting and fundraising clients
  • create an online filing system for lobbyists, enhancing the speed and accuracy of public disclosure
  • close the gaping loop-hole that allows lobbyists' contributions to be matched with public funds
Again, no complaints from us. We just hope that Mayor B did not in any way trade reformia for term limits.

Stay tuned!


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