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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Disrespectin' the Sphere

What Up With That?

Truth be told. We weren't going to say anything. We were just going to sit here and enjoy whatever offline press coverage we got.

But Ms. Sabater, over at Daily Gotham, reminds us that we should expect more; much, much more from those who utilize our services. And in doing so, she goes straight for the Times' jugular.

Needless to say, we couldn't agree with her more, and owe Liza a BIG THANK YOU for watching out for us all!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah, but the Dialy Gotham is a pseudo-liberal, Ben Smith-loving, Dominic Carter-sucking, bunch of Deaniacs being apologists for people like Quinn, Betsy Gotbaum, et al. I expect better from Backroomie.

9:28 AM

Anonymous Will said...

I posted in the other thread about this lack of credit, now ironically the NYTimes has an article about pro-Walmart Bloggers not being very forth coming that they are reprinting text from the Walmart PR offices:

the story author quotes Glenn Reynolds, the founder of
"in the blogosphere,...a basic tenet applies: 'If I reprint something, I say where it came from.'"

Hmmm...The NYTimes probably feels these kinds of ethics are not really important in print...oh *snap* the NYTimes story was online too wasn't it. Maybe the ethical code just doesn't apply to multimilliondollar media corporations??

But I am surprised the NYTimes even reads blogs since they labeled them a "rumor mill" on their front page in 2004.

12:57 PM


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