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Sunday, March 05, 2006

Roomie's Got Sun!

So Says the Times

Obviously, we can't complain when the Times writes a monstrous piece on our sunlighting abilities.

Now ... if they'd only write a piece on how long it takes our government to turn around mindless Freedom of Information requests ... life would be grand!

Enjoy! Today's piece refers to this discovery.


Anonymous Will said...

God damn the NYTimes, they could not even go to the trouble of linking to you, much less at least providing the url to this site?! God they annoy me. The only time they cover stuff is when someone else does it for them. Hope you are reading this too Mike McIntire!

Hat tip to who wrote about the NYTime's thieving ways.

5:23 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

McIntire didn't even get it right. For example, he mentioned one commentator telling backroomie that it is "sick to make the salaries public" when the commentator clearly meant something else: that it is sick that you want to publish the names and salaries of those who were fired by Quinn, further victimizing them. There is a difference here and McIntire should have read more carefully.

note to backroomie: you would probably get more participation from commentators if you got rid of that annouying wrod verification feature.

3:57 PM


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