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Monday, April 03, 2006

A Mean Green Fighting Machine?

That's How We Like Our AG's

Fred Dicker of the New York Post really stuck it to a man today. And that man? Attorney General Candidate Mark Green.

Not only did Dicker humiliate Green by highlighting what appears to be his all but inevitable failure to get onto the ballot by way of backroom Democratic politicking, but he continued to sucker punch Green with these nasty blind quotes:

"Green will have a hard time getting to 25 percent - that's become clear," said one of the state's most important Democrats, who is neutral in the attorney general's race.

"People just don't like him. He's obnoxious. And while Cuomo is arrogant, too, he is able to hide it.

"He's turned on the charm and is more compelling and seemingly sincere. Mark is forced. He can't mask it," the insider added.

Journalistically, not such an impressive feat on Dicker's part; but what is of interest to us is how Green will respond, if at all, and why he hasn't already. Because we can't imagine an Attorney General candidate simply rolling over... especially one that seems to grasp the potential of the blogosphere.

As an aside, Adam Nagourney of the Times wrote an interesting piece this past weekend on how politics and politicians are facing sweeping changes by way of the net. The question for Green, then, is will he get swept under this wave or find a way to surf it?

Hopefully Green won't go the way of Dicker by stickin' it to himself!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Has it come to this, who is mas arrogante Lloyd Bridges, Mark Green, or Junior Cuomo?
The answer is who have you come in contact with. For me its a tie although Lloyd bridges was mas macho and not arrogante. Okay a two way tie.

5:27 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Who is a bigger psycopath? Mark Green or Fred Dicker?

6:02 PM

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