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Friday, April 07, 2006

UFT's A Foot Drag

Let Stossel Teach

It wasn't so long ago that we reported on Randi's Pavlovian response to John Stossel's "Stupid in America" segment on ABC's 20/20.

After ABC aired this controversial piece, Randi brought out the troops to bash Stossel and ABC. But remarkably, Stossel responded by going outdoors to face the angry mob. At the protest, he also accepted what was then a very loud invitation to teach for a week at a school of the UFT's choosing.

But, predictably...

Like most of our dealings with the union, nothing was easy. It took weeks of phone calls to make any sort of progress. I suspect this will not surprise public-school parents.

...Then there were more meetings. Finally, four days before what was supposed to be my first day of class, they canceled. Officially, "they" were the public school administrators who said it might be "disruptive" and that it might "set a precedent" that would open their doors to other reporters.

Too bad. Letting cameras into schools would be a
good thing. Taxpayers might finally get to see how more than $200,000 per classroom of their money was being spent.

I wonder why the union even made the challenge. I suspect the UFT didn't expect me to say yes. When I turned out not to be easily intimidated, the teachers' union and the government school monopoly folded. Perhaps there's a lesson there.


Anonymous Will said...

oh christ, what a fucking pathetic ratings move by Stossel. He wants to bust into some classroom so he can act like a know it all. He's gotta be kidding. This is such junk. Rather than actually deal with reporting about the problems with public education, which there are many, he wants to turn a public school into his own side ring show, and then act indignant when he doesn't get his way. What an ass. He should grow up.

Stossle's original reports had some good points and some serious crap. Like comparing how quickly students learn in public education to how quickly they learn with one on one instruction. Well, duh! one on one is lot more effective. There are summer programs in NYC for kids held back where they have like a 5 to 1 student to teacher ratio. In general most kids held back fail again, but in these public education summer programs in NYC the majority of the kids actually pass. That's with the same teachers he like slamming!

Stossel wants to make himself the news instead of education. What a guy.

Let Stossel do something valuable, like maybe reporting.

2:59 PM

Anonymous Will said...

and btw, to explain what the challenge really is since Stossel is too obtuse to get it on his own, the challenge is go get himself a teaching masters, get himself a job at a school and teach there day in day out for a few years.

God he's so petulant.

3:05 PM

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