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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

We Luvvv The NYC Council

State This!

Perhaps love goes too far on the sarcasm scale, but ...

Here's the deal for tomorrow's Stated City Council Meeting:

First, Council Member Vallone will be re-re-re-introducing a bill for New York City to secede from the State; or at least to form a Commission that will look into said matter. We likey!

Second, Council Member Oddo will be triple-re-introducing a bill to prohibit the use of non-wooden bats. Apparently, they hurt less?!?!

Thirdly, our esteemed Public Advocate will be expressing her concerns by seeking to restrict the use of tanning beds in tanning salons. That is way too smart for us to understand...

Fourth, Council Member Fidler, he's looking into creating a joint taskforce on sidewalk maintenance. That's a JOINT TASKFORCE!

But all sarcasm aside, we do like Avella's direction. He'd like to prohibit elected officials (aight colleagues???) from using taxpayer funds for holiday, anniversary and congratulatory greetings in newspaper advertisements. TWO F*#KIN' THUMBS UP FROM US!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You mean they won't be able to pander to the blacks, jews, gays or whomever anymore?

Ban not only tax money, but all of these ads no matter who pays.

9:52 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

avella loves doing this when it actually would make much more sense to do this in house and not actually have to go through a long legislative process..but then again he wouldnt get the press coverage and that's all that matters

12:20 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

And what about all the taxpayor money that is going for all kinds of parties, etc. It is one thing if the whole city is invited. But that is not the case; you have to get invitations or somehow know about it to get in.

10:42 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

What about Avella's serious bill about the Council reviewing the work of the FCRC on Franchises?

7:56 AM

Blogger the voice of nyc said...

Avella for Mayor! He's off to a great start! $10.8k frickin' dollars. Of which 6.5k of that came from contractors and developers.

I thought he hated developers? No wait, thats right, he only hates NON-CAUCASIAN developers.

The balance of his fund-raising efforts came from 26 retired individuals and a few businesses.

Yeah, like I said, he's off to a great start! Lol!

9:00 PM

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